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We provide avenues to churches, companies, individuals, partnerships, societies, clubs, associations, executor, administrators, and corporate bodies to put the excess funds into secure ventures with more than happy returns on such investments.

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HAPPY SAVINGS ACCOUNT: Our savings products are specially designed to fit the needs of the environment in which we operate. The savings account products:
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Under this we make loan facilities available to our customers at an attractive interest rate and flexible terms of payment. We provide both short term loans and long term loans.
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Our commercial car loans are geared towards assisting commercial drivers after so many years of driving for other people. The applicant makes available 40% of the cost of the car and the other 60% is provided and financed by uh i(savings and loans ltd). The duration for payment is twenty four months. The duration between payments and receipts of vehicle is sixty working days. For commercial vehicles repayments are taken weekly whiles for the private cars, repayments are taking on monthly basis.
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